''Riding is not a sport it's a passion.  If you dont have the passion you dont know the sport.  Therefore you are waisting your time talking to me.''

We welcome you at Kaelvryc. This website is not in cooperation with Electronic Arts. We deserve the right to have a copy right on our pics that the won't used without our premission.

Kaelvryc is founded by Fiona Elaine Riannon and Sebastian Baker. Two good friends with a big passion for the Medieval timeages and the Wastyver horse. Kaelvryc is a very old name from the medieval timeages. It meant "strong and power"(ficional, not RL). The breed Wastyver was choosen by both. 

The love for that breed is big at Kaelvryc. Kaelvryc is one of 12 stables in the United Kingdoms which breed the rare breed Wastyver. These small estate is next to an very old city, Lervander. It is at the top of Wales - Great Britian.

That city is 850 years old, so it has a very lovely medieval flair when you go into the town. 

You can still find some small hoods where people live in, little villages with very friendly people.

Kaelvryc is an old estate from the middleages and had the name Monvastrie. 

At Monvastrie was the main breed the Wastyver too. The Wastyver breed stopped 1867, the old estate where closed.

Now 2017 Monvastrie where bought by Sebastian Baker and Fiona Elaine Riannon and reopened as Kaelvryc.


N E W E S T    P I C T U R E

O T H E R    N E W S

- 4th September 2017-

We official open and publish our website.

Kaelvryc is now public and open for visitors.

- 3rd September 2017-

We finished our Wastyver Profile today!

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