Kaelvryc has two owners. Sebastian and Fiona. They bought that old estate and worked on it for rebuilding it. They have adjuster at Kaelvryc for having some helping hands and to give horses around their area a nice home.

Fiona and Sebastian became best friends with the time. They have fun and work together. It is a very lovely friendship.

Learn more about them with a click on their names.

Sebastians Horses:




Fionas Horses:

- K' Spike

- K' Sandmann

- K' Samson

T R A I N E R   &   H O R S E K E E P E R




Maria is the wife of Lorenz and they are the current owner of Lundendorff.

Lundendorff is 3rd generation. Was founded 1877.

Maria is doing every event organisatons for Lundendorff and every adjuster who wants to compete.

Elena is a shy girl when she has to talk with boys and other people. But at the horse she is more then amazing. 

She is training all horses with more then efford and patience.

She also assist her mother with organications at Lundendorff.

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